Pros and Cons of Moving to Charleston, SC

Like many other individuals, you may be planning to move this year. Before moving, many people try to conduct their research on what life might be like in a new place. If you are planning on moving to Charleston, South Carolina this year then continue reading. The following article will explain the benefits and disadvantages of choosing to live in this particular city. Enjoy!

The Good

A Unique Experience

Let’s begin with one of the reasons why moving to Charleston would be a good idea. If you like a nostalgic feel to a city, Charleston will make you very happy. As the oldest town in South Carolina, you can get a truly eclectic experience of ancient architecture; having the nickname the “holy city” gives you a chance to see some beautiful old churches. If you love history and tradition, moving here will keep you highly engaged.

Beaches and Nice Weather

Surrounded by water, Charleston, South Carolina is a good option for beach enthusiasts. A short distance to the beach can make it an attractive destination spot for young families. Finding a great restaurant to dine won’t be a problem as well as enjoying fishing and surfing. If you hate the cold, Charleston has relatively moderate temperatures. Cold winters with snow and ice are highly unlikely here.

Reasonable Housing

Finding affordable housing in Charleston is possible. Families who are starting their lives with new babies will especially like a family-like atmosphere to the city. However, remember that you may need to look in neighborhoods that are outside of downtown, which will be more expensive.

The Not So Good

Can you Say Traffic Jam?

Considering that South Carolina is a popular summertime destination, you will have to deal with a tremendous amount of traffic. Living near a tourist destination has a price to pay, especially during the months with the nicest weather. Parking could also be an inconvenience because it can be difficult to locate parking spots in a downtown Charleston during the summer.

Pests of All Kinds

  • Bugs– Living in the beautiful environment surrounded by water will certainly give you neighbors of a different kind. You can expect mosquitoes and no-see-ums to be a major concern. A combination of summer heat and bug bites will make conditions unfavorable.
  • Gators- These dangerous creatures can lurk everywhere In South Carolina. You might even see one basking in the sun in your backyard.


Living in South Carolina can be a potential threat during hurricane season. Likely homeowners will always have the possibility of losing everything they own in the back of their minds. Living in a hurricane zone is also unfriendly to your wallet because of the increased insurance premiums on your home.

No city is perfect, but being informed about what it might be like to live it is extremely important. Do your homework and see what city is best for your family. You will be much happier if you do not walk into a complete surprise.